Traverse I

Traverse: Sequence of lengths and directions of lines connecting a series of stations, obtained from field measurements, and used in determining positions of the stations.

Glossary of Cartography and Map Terminology

The intention of the ‘traverse’ is to provide a weekly series of trajectories that the project passes across, pausing at ‘stations’ that are related somehow, though not always directly. Thoughts on landscape, boundaries, mappings, and otherness.
Hypothetical Wall Game . Lebbeus Woods . source

1. On the Border

dpr-barcelona broaches the topic of designing for international boundaries and frontiers offering a definition of the border presented by Martí Peran:

“The border can no longer be thought of as a simple physical obstacle which demarcates a line of division, but must be examined as the paradigmatic image of formative processes that organise a fair amount of the social dynamic. Different social and institutional relationships are structured along with the border. These relationships promote mobility, work environment and economic flows, territorial management, cultural (in)comprehension and even certain imaginaries of desire.”

A number of design proposals are presented.

2. Zones of Contention: Between Borders and Frontiers

An extension to the previously posted On the Border article, Zones of Contention focusses in on the US-Mexican border causing dpr-barcelona to question: “if there are frontier conflicts all around the world, Why is this geopolitical point [US-Mexico] so important to concentrate so many speculative proposals?”

3. 50 Square Meters of Public Space

Czech artists/activists EPOS 257 install a fence within a public square Prague. With no signage or notification the barrier initially remained unnoticed by the municipality, eventually being removed after it had been there for 54 days.

4. Metastructure: Bosnia Herzegovina

Lebbeus Woods proposes a wall containing complex internal systems – both difficult to demolish and to navigate – in the last decade of the 2oth century to protect Bosnia Herzegovina from Soviet and Croatian attacks.



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