A weekend of follies Part I

“The reason why it’s vague where the outback begins is not that there’s this thing, the outback, with imprecise borders; rather there are many things, with different borders, and nobody has been fool enough to try to enforce a choice of one of them as the official referent of the word ‘outback’.”

David K. Lewis, The Plurality of Worlds, 1986 . cited in source


This weekend we’re participating in a 3-day workshop series in Anglesea. I’ve mentally set up a few ideas about boundaries that I’d like to play with, through follies and discussions, to test my research question.

At the moment, my question is sitting at [very loosely..]:

  1. How as a landscape architect can I understand and employ boundary?

  2. How can a thickened consideration of boundary be used to question the way that borders operate [transferral, movement, control etc.]? And, how does the act of re-making and re-marking impact its recognition and operation?

I have several bags containing a range of materials, including various thicknesses and types of string and elastic, bamboo canes, elastic bands, a trowel, cutting blades, washers and tent pegs… as well as a healthy supply of chocolate. Looking forward to seeing what unfolds…


Divertir . Corinne Vionnet . source

“… my pictures are the result of a confrontation between places of leisure and their geographical surroundings. From this couple of photographs I’m trying to show those places of entertainment are like parts of a set, stepping away from their illusions of liberty.”

Corrine Vionnet, source

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