A weekend of follies Part III

Follie II, Machine for Marking I

Location: Anglesea Foreshore, Victoria
Date: 11 March 2011
Materials: bamboo canes, rope, string, tent pegs, washers

The machine was installed on the sand in the way of the incoming tide. Its aim was to investigate the manner in which the force of the waves manipulated an object, and how it marked its territory in the sand.

The frame was tensioned from either side with ropes and pegs, and was set up perpendicular to the direction of the incoming waves. A series of six galvanised steel washers were suspended from the frame, ranging in weight and size. I had anticipated that the movement of the water would instigate a tracing of the path of the washer on the sand below, with the washers as the drawing implement.

Initially out of the reach of the waves, the follie was buffeted by the wind. The smallest weighted strand was affected the most, tracing a confined territory in the sand below. The oncoming waves erased the drawn territories, and the washers were pushed and pulled rapidly through the water.

Interestingly the models of others in the workshop unintentionally acted as mine had not – with some recording lines in the sand as buffeted by the wind, and the water lapping horizontal striations in others’ mounds of sand.

The timelapse illustrates the mark of the follie’s territories and their impermanence, with the pull of the wind dragging the washer through the sand and later eroding it as the water retreated from the sunken weight.

Still later the force of the tide pulled the follie to the ground, dragging it away from the shore.

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