A weekend of follies Part V

Follie IV, Machine for Marking II

Location: Anglesea Foreshore, Victoria
Date: 12 March 2011
Materials: bamboo canes, rope, string, tent pegs, found objects [including seaweed and a feather]

Building on what I had learned from follies I, II, and III, follie IV was the second iteration of the Machine for Marking. Installed on the sand it was positioned in relation to the onshore winds. Similarly to follie II, Machine for Marking I, its intention was to investigate the manner in which a coastal condition might be marked, in this case considering how the wind manipulated a suspended object, and how it marked its territory in the sand.

The frame was tensioned from either side with ropes and pegs, and was set up perpendicular to the direction of the onshore wind. Suspended from the frame were four found objects including three types of seaweed and a feather. Each was hung so that it brushed the ground when still.

The marking from each was very different, with each item based on its size, shape, and textural qualities having a different marking technique.

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