Perceiving and re.making | through precedent studies

Precedent 01 . Sea Change or Impending Dune . Kristen Schuster [Project]

Kristen Schuster

Kristen Schuster

Kristen Schuster

source . Pruned

For the first precedent I studied Schuster’s Sea Change or Impending Dune project [2003], which proposes a responsive beach access infrastructure for Galveston Island, Texas U.S.A..

Ordering . Precedent 01


Precedent 02 . The Road to Botany Bay: an exploration of landscape and history . Paul Carter [Text]

Chapter 5 ‘Debatable Land’ in The Road to Botany Bay: an exploration of landscape and history . Paul Carter

As a second precedent I focussed on Carter’s historical text, The Road to Botany Bay [Faber and Faber Ltd. 1987].

“… the frontier is usually conceived of as a line, a line continually pushed forward (or back) by heroic frontiersmen, the pioneers. Inside the line is culture; beyond it, nature. As the frontier moves, nature is bulldozed into submission. There is no negotiation, simply the imposition of a new regime by force. Culture does not evolve or adapt: it simply replicates itself over an ever-growing territory. The frontier signifies the decisive exclusion of all that is culturally familiar: and it excludes it even when it incorporates it. For the act of incorporation involves the complete silencing and obliteration of whatever it was that made the frontier necessary in the first place.

… As the ‘Star Wars’ project of the 1980s reminds us, one tragic irony of the frontier dream is that its proponents can never cease to feel surrounded. For, however far back the frontier is pushed, there is always something threatening on the other side.”

Paul Carter, Chapter 5 ‘Debatable Land’ p.158

Ordering . The Road to Botany Bay: An Exploration of Landscape and History . Paul Carter


Precedent 03 . Lemon Tree . Eran Riklis, Director [Film]

Lemon Tree . directed by Eran Riklis

The final precedent studied was Israeli Eran Riklis’ 2008 film Lemon Tree, set on the border between Israel and the West Bank. Salma, widowed and alone, apart from an old friend of her father’s, lives off the livelihood of the lemon orchard inherited on her father’s death. When the Israeli Minister for Defence moves into a property on the Israeli side of the border, his security teams deem the orchard a ‘threat to national security’ and process orders to have it razed. Salma seeks to challenge the matter in court, with the help of a young lawyer.

Ordering . Lemon Tree . Directed by Eran Riklis


Analysis of Precedents v.02



I then worked these through the next iteration of my project, which is this week considering Lake Eyre in central Australia [after the challenge of last week’s non-site.

Matt then assisted by choosing 3 sets of characteristics for me to make mini studies of.

These were:

  1. Process | Tourism | Wind
  2. Transformation | Sand | Infrastructure
  3. Movement | Scale | Ecosystems

Not knowing much about Lake Eyre I began by watching a documentary title Lake Eyre, that recorded the 2010 flooding of the lake system – a rare occurrence that transforms the location entirely. Whilst watching the documentary I created a diagram of events, ‘players’, ecologies and other qualities.

After watching the documentary I made  quick design study of 2. Transformation | Sand | Infrastructure.

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