Grid (la brea and olympic) 2005 . Bas Princen . source

I had a bit of a lull the last two weeks… it wasn’t that I wasn’t working… more that I was thinking differently to what I had done for the week or so previous. The Perceiving and Re-making activity was helpful, but not so much in moving forwards… just sideways. It helped me work out what I wasn’t interested in.

I’ve been tiptoeing around a bit… I’ve picked a topic for my thesis that is both political and confrontational – but the trouble is that I am neither of these. So after the first week, when my proposition threw up a lot of questions that I couldn’t answer and couldn’t find a way forwards from, I changed tack looking at an internal/ecological territory instead. I realised that whilst I still find this incredibly fascinating I don’t find it challenging enough. I’ve set the bar high here… I want my research to challenge the way that Australian borders are conceived and regulated… and its been difficult to define anything past this. It still is. But that’s why I went off and did these instead.

Part I was [somewhat] completing an essay that I had been working on since the summer. For me it still doesn’t seem finished, but I realised that it’s because the essay is the start of my thesis that this is the case. It is a long way off finished.

Part II was a field trip across the Victoria/New South Wales border due north of Melbourne.  The aims of this were as follows:

  1. To identify the processes and operations that occur across/are facilitated by the border
  2. To decode the logic behind their operational tactics
  3. To intervene in and potentially to re-create the border and its related territories.

Part II is still incomplete… but it offers an interesting point to jump from.

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